Bev’s Bio
Born and raised in Millcreek, Bev learned the importance of public service and giving back to the community from an early age. Her father, Phil Uipi, was the first Tongan-American elected to the state legislature. Bev grew up on the campaign trail and became inspired to make a difference by seeing the positive impact her father’s service had on others.  She also became a leader of her own as a standout student and athlete who earned a scholarship to pursue a higher education at the University of Georgia.
Bev cares about people and wants to continue serving others by representing her community on the Millcreek City Council. Have more questions? Just ask! Email Bev at: votebevuipi@gmail.com


Following in my father, Phil Uipi’s (former House Rep 36), footsteps, I am passionate about public service. I am qualified to help our newly formed city make smart decisions that will benefit future generations to come. I’ve lived in Millcreek for over 30 years, and I bring a professional background with proven leadership, community collaboration, and needs-based services. A few of my core values are respect, family, community and compassion.